Alanya Sapadere Canyon is located at the Taurus Mountains, they are one of the hard-to-reach areas due to tectonic compression of rocks in layered and perpendicular shape. As a result, especially in the Mediterranean region, these magnificent mountains hide many beauties from us. Its imposing appearance, its unattainable peaks, have caused the people of the region to produce ongoing legends about these mountains. The people of the region hunting in these mountains were constantly lost their lives and were seriously injured. The famous Gidergelmez (Going does not turn) mountains are also located in the Mediterranean part of the Taurus Mountains. The valley that lies as if there is no end, squat, but the dense plant structure renders these mountains insatiable. The subject of this article is named after the nearby village, located only 41 kilometers from the city.

Sapadere Canyon features

With the development of tourism and technology, the valley was built in 2008 with a 750-meter long suspension bridge and made suitable for people to see and travel. Alanya Tours invites you to Alanya Sapadere Canyon Tour.

The Program starts at 09:00 in the morning with your address being picked up. The group deviates from the town center towards Mersin’s direction the Taurus Mountains and continues with views from the banana groves on the hill. Citrus groves along the way, the daily life of the people of the region is just one of the interesting aspects of the activity.

The Trip takes a break for a cave trip in front of the Dwarf cave (Cüceler mağarası). Listening to the interesting story of the cave of Dwarves from the tour guide you will have the opportunity to see the natural wonder, which is 250 meters long, but the part of which is 150 meters long, adorned with stalactites and stalagmites.

Alanya Sapadere Canyon Tour continues in full swing with the parking of vehicles in front of The Valley. The Entrance fee is 20 Turkish lira but will be covered by Alanya Tours and tickets will be presented to you. There are more than 12 waterfalls in the valley, large and small. As you advance in the canyon, the strong sound of water will almost relax your soul. The water salaries from the waterfalls to your face will make you forget the warmth of the Mediterranean and refresh you. The Bridge is equipped with stairs to the bottom of the valley for you to swim in running water and small ponds. The water temperature can reach 0 degrees Celsius even in summer. As you walk along the bridge, you will discover the beauties that the Taurus have not allowed us to see for millennia.

For those who want to discover a new environment of beautiful nature in Turkey, we offer them Horse riding in Alanya, by choosing this trip you will reach the heart of the forest with trained Animals./.

Alanya Sapadere Canyon Tour will continue with a delicious lunch included in the price. After Serving lunch, our trip to the local village, water mill. valley water due to the cold for guests who can not swim will continue with the presence on the edge of the river, which is relatively hot water. The silk factory in the village will surely be of interest to you. It is one of the places to visit the old village mosque in the settlement. This area is suitable for people who want to camp. After the swimming break, our day trip ends at around 16:00 with a return to Hotels.