Facts and information about Antalya

Facts and information about Antalya

Antalya is located in the west of the Mediterranean region. In ancient times it covered all Pamphylia which means “the land of all tribes”. The land really deserves the name since it has witnessed many successive civilizations throughout history. In 1st century BC the Pergamum king Attalus ordered his men to find the most beautiful piece of land on earth; he wanted them to find “heaven on earth”. After a long search all over the world, they discovered this land and said “This must be ‘Heaven’ ” and King Attalus founded the city giving it the name “Attaleia”. From then on many nations kept their eyes on the city. When the Romans took over the Pergamene Kingdom, Attaleia became an outstanding Roman city which the great Roman Emperor Hadrian visited in 130 AD; an arch was built in his honor which is now worth seeing. Then came the Byzantines, after which the Seljuk Turks took over the city in 1207 and gave it a different name, Adalya, and built the Yivli Minaret. The Ottomans followed the Seljuks and finally within the Turkish Republic it became a Turkish city and an important port. Antalya has been growing rapidly since 1960 and its population is 1,146,109 according to the 1990 census.

Attractions & Activities in Antalya

  • Visit the Harbor

    You can start exploring the old city from the famous Red Tower and the Seljuk Shipyard right beside it. Discover the narrow streets where you can find cafes, restaurants, and many shops around the harbor.

    Alanya Castle is located on a high peninsula, overlooking the sea. Above the shipyard is the historical Tophane neighborhood.

    Apart from that, you can book a boat trip to take pictures of the Alanya panorama from the sea and explore many extraordinary caves, like Lover’s Cave, Pirates Cave, and Phosphorus Cave.

  • Horseback Riding and Hiking

    Enjoy an unforgettable experience in nature in Alanya with horses, one of the oldest companions of mankind. It’s an enjoyable and entertaining adventure tour with a small group, through the pine forests on the slopes of the Taurus Mountains with docile horses that move in the company of experts.

    Many hiking tours can be found for those who find happiness in the greenery. Fill your lungs with fresh air while exploring many magnificent routes in untouched nature in Alanya.

  • Seljuk Shipyard (Tersane)

    The Alanya Seljuk Shipyard stands south of the Red Tower. You can easily reach it on foot by following the 300 meter path.

    The Alanya Seljuk Shipyard was built by the Seljuks in 13th century. If you are into maritime history and medieval buildings, make time to visit the only remaining shipyard in Turkey from the Seljuk Period.

    The Alanya Seljuk Shipyard (Tersane) has been used for trade and protection purposes throughout history. Today, it stands upright back to back with Red Tower. The Alanya shipyard is the only shipyard that remains from the Seljuk reign, built in the first half of 13th century.

  • Düden Waterfalls

    A sight of stunning natural beauty

    Located just outside the city of Antalya, the Düden Waterfalls showcase Turkey’s stunning natural beauty and are a mesmerising sight to be seen. There are 2 parts to the falls, the Upper Düden Falls, which you’ll find further inland, and the Lower Düden Falls. The latter of the 2 cascades over the clifftop, crashing into the sea below, not far from Lara Beach.

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